Caring for our Staff

Family Comes First

We understand that teachers give their all to the whanau and tamariki who attend our centre, but sometimes they have to put their own families first and we encourage this unconditionally.

Paid Birthday Off

All staff get a paid day off to celebrate their birthday.

Winter Blues

We supply a basket of wellbeing potions and pills for our staff to keep on top of winter illnesses – Vitamin C, Echinacea, Strepsils, Herbal teas, etc.

Feel-Good Bits & Bobs

Perfumes, deodorant, feminine products are available in our bathroom.

Kai for Meetings

Meetings can be taxing after a long day at work, so we provide plentiful platters that cater to all tastes and diets.

‘Why We Love You’ Notes

Our general staff meetings begin with reading out the many notes written from one staff member to another about something amazing they did. The team member with the most notes wins a carpark for a month.