Questions & Answers

What are your teacher ratios?

Whilst the Ministry of Education require a 1:10 ratio for Young Children and 1:5 ratio for Infants, we at Elm Tree believe that quality care comes with lower ratios. We are 1:8 in the Fantail Room (2-5 year olds); and 1:4 in the Tui Room (3 months to 2 Years).

What is included in my fees?

A healthy morning tea, lunch, and afternoon made by our on-site chef.
A learning story journal.
Sunscreen, applied at 10am and 2pm over Summer.
Nappy wipes.

What do I need to bring?

Nappies, bottles, and formula if necessary.
Approximately three changes of clothes.
Hats to suit the season.

You provide meals, but what if my child has allergies?

Our chef is happy to prepare meals that cater for your child’s specific needs.

Do children play outside all year round?

Absolutely! Children benefit from outdoors play all year around, with coats and hats to keep them warm in Winter, and lightweight clothing and full brim sunhats for Summer.

Do you have a school readiness programme?

Our children gain all the skills necessary for starting school throughout their days at Elm Tree. Our philosophy is play-based learning, where numeracy, literacy, science, and social skills are woven into their every day fun and routines.

How will my child settle in?

You and your child will have a key teacher to help you to settle in. We often find that children unwittingly select their key teacher by immediately being drawn to them either through activities or personality.

Are you closed over school holidays?

Elm Tree closes on Statutory days only.

Do I still have to pay my fees If my child is sick or we go on holiday?

Yes, although you will have 15 days that you can take at 50% to use for holidays each year. You will need to let us know if you want us to allocate days for this purpose so we can accurately invoice you.