Tui Room, 3m – 2 years

The littlest feet make the biggest footprints in our hearts. (unknown)

Rolling over. Tasting pumpkin. Clapping hands.

Exciting milestones are part of the daily life of the Tui Room. Safe and secure, our young children learn about the world around them through trusting relationships with our loving staff, age-appropriate toys, games and experiences within our centre and the community.

Whether it’s exploring their environment or snuggled up on the teacher’s lap with a book, special moments are captured in learning stories that become keepsakes forever.

Our fun day is made up of unhurried care times and peaceful sleep times that are worked in with home routines.  Our focus is around strong reciprocal relationships with the children and their families through our unhurried approach to individual care routines, learning and development, allowing your child to unfold and develop into a confident and competent individual.